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Made To Measure / Ready To Wear

Posted: Jul 17 2015



T H E  C O M P A R I S O N




M A D E  T O  M E A S U R E



Made To Measure takes the suit pattern and modifies the measurements outside the range of what a standard size is

Takes into account the clients body measurements and is altered to particular measurements

The price point is less than bespoke

It requires only one fit for the measurements

It is delivered in less time than bespoke









R E A D Y  T O  W E A R

( P R E T  A  P O R T E R )



Ready to wear (or as the French say, prey a porter) is clothing made to a particular standard set size and worn without alteration
The clothing is delivered instantly and can be worn the same day
They are rarely one of a kind but can be limited quantity
No personalisation towards client. The garment is in it's finished condition
The price point is less than made to measure and far less than bespoke





Nick Tentis Ready To Wear  



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