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Head-To-Toe : As long as I got my Cuffs and Clip

Posted: Sep 16 2014

It’s the details that count, jazz up your outfit and turn heads. It’s time to look at the accessories you could add to stand out from the crowd. 



Tie bars are hip! They add a focal point to your look. Typically sat between the third and fourth button, it makes sure your tie won’t roam around your shirt. It also creates a neat look. Popular since the 1920s, through the 50s and beyond men have chosen to go with the clip because it’s cool (check out Tony in this classic Van Heusen ad). Our vintage tie bars, made from nickel, will demand the respect you deserve.




Our vintage metal cufflinks are one of a kind. You won’t see anyone else wearing them, meaning it’s a look only you can have. A snazzy cufflink will grab attention. If you’re wearing a special shirt then you need to show it respect, on that note “beware of Sicilians in very large cufflinks” they might make you an offer you don’t understand! 


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