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World Cup Clobber

Posted: Sep 16 2014

We don’t know if you’ve heard but there’s a little event that comes along every four years in sport, that’s quite a big deal to some people. The World Cup kicks off this summer, in honour of this we countdown with a look at the things that really make the beautiful game score.



Here’s a picture of Ian Callaghan, Norman Hunter and Gerry Byrne. The three England players were meeting fans during the 1966 World Cup. England players had to look good, on the ball if you excuse the pun. Even though Callaghan was the only one to feature for England in the tournament, the other players still upped their game. Here Callaghan looks casual in his wool turtleneck and pleated trousers with Hunter and Byrne sporting polo’s and cardigans, good looks for the famous British summer.


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