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Head-to-toe : The Nick Tentis Shirt

Posted: Sep 16 2014

Starting off our "head-to-toe" spotlight pieces, we take a look at Nick Tentis luxury shirts.






These days, men can be influenced by the culture of buying in bulk, cheap. What they may not realize is that it is better to own a few beautiful shirts, than dozens of cheap ones.

The first thing you will notice about the Nick Tentis shirt collection is the quality of cloth. Luxury cotton with very high yarn counts in two fold 140s, 160s and 200s, each shirt is designed to have a natural comfort. Not only do these fabrics feel good on the skin, but also have a beautiful handle when touched.




The fit of the shirt is paramount. If you’re going with a bespoke shirt or ready to wear, we put the same amount of detail in our shirts as we do in all of our collection. Whether it’s the fit, the cloth or the buttons.

It’s all about detail. It’s what makes you choose one cut of a suit or the colour over another, it adds dimension to your look and it defines you. We cut no corners and know it the details that matter and make our shirt the best shirt in London.

The tab collar is our signature shirt. The beauty of a tab collar is that it keeps your shirt and tie as sharp as your suit. In a range of rounded or pointed, they add character and variety to your look. The tabs themselves are positioned so well, that they become invisible when fastened behind a tie, with either a button or stud fastening.


All the shirts have a high stitch count, meaning the lines of stitching will be fine and almost invisible. Even the pickiest observer will be fooled into thinking your shirt is held together by some mysterious thread. This fine detail makes all the shirts look clean and take away any unwanted focal points. Small details such as the sizing labels being hand embroidered add to the beauty of the overall shirt. This is also matched on the front of the shirt where our hand-embroidered logo is barely visible.  





Each button is hand threaded and no machinery is used, meaning you won’t get those loose threads you see on some shirts. Real mother of pearl double ring edge buttons create a contrast against the colour of the shirt.




A sharp fitting luxury shirt will receive more compliments than a “five for a £100 shirt”. Keep it simple and you’ll notice a dramatic change.






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