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Monthly Favourites : April

Posted: Sep 16 2014

Nick Tentis Spring/Summer 14 is here. The collection delivers, colour, shape, texture and details, everything you’d expect and takes into account the coming season. We take a look at a few of the new pieces to arrive in the Savile Row store. 

Here are three of our favourite pieces from the spring/summer collection. 


1| The Cufflinks





One of the best ways to add detail to your shirt is through a cufflink. It sends out a visual message that you admire detail and also allows for some creativity. Cue Nick Tentis Athenian cufflinks. These 1960s hand carved cufflinks capture the essence of 60s America. The base is made from nickel, which means they will last you a few years and have a mother of pearl finish that showcases the Athenian design. These cufflinks are one of a kind.

"We call these the chameleon cuffs. Whether you're out and about or in the office, the colour changes with different lighting. Its like owning the same cufflink in ten different colour ways."

The cufflink shows the goddess Athena wearing her famous Corinthian helmet. What better way to bolster your appearance whether it’s in the boardroom or in everyday life, than to say you wear the cufflinks of the Gods?


2| The Bag





Travel can be a hassle sometimes, things go wrong, stuff gets lost, so the one thing you count on is keeping your possessions safe. The new collection of Nick Tentis bags does exactly that, makes sure your treasures are safe and sound whilst looking the part.

Hand made in Northampton, these bags combine the use of English saddle leather along with heavy nickel zips to ensure your favorite flip flops don’t  make a great escape during their travel. Using vegetable dyed leather , with a lockable option on the zip, means you can sleep at night knowing no one is going to enter your bag. The design itself is based upon vintage sailing bags and takes into account  features that made them great for heavy travel. With a flat base, waterproof nylon lining and a zip compartment at the bottom means your valuables are safe from the great depths.

"Everyone has owned that one bag in their life that's been through the good times and bad, we've captured that in a bag of our own, you’ll buy one but it will last you forever."

With four colour ways to choose from, there’s a colour for every occasion.

Pick up your Nick Tentis bag in storm, amber, chocolate and stone.




3| The Suit





With a new season, comes new looks and what better way to showcase than with our single breasted, super 110s wool and kid mohair suit. This gunmetal grey suit is perfect for chic occasions with its narrow shawl collar. The suit features many details seen on bespoke suits, including working cuffs, canvas construction and side adjusters on the trousers. As well as rubber coated natural corozo buttons. Each button is carved and laser etched with the Nick Tentis logo. This type of detail gives the wearer a bespoke styled suit that is ready to wear.

"Its the small things that count. A little detail here might seem small and unnecessary but to us it’s what makes our ready to wear suits so special. The idea is to make a suit that appears to have taken months to make specifically for you, that you can buy and walk out in the very same day."

The new collection is out now, for more visit the Savile Row store today.

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